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Our 200+ Point Project Planner Helps Keep Your Website Organised

Designing and developing a custom website can be a big project. There are lots of stages involved in the process including gathering content, designing the layout, coding the pages, optimising content and reviewing performance.

To help us stay on track of our projects we’ve created our very own Website Project Planner that we use for every website we build.

At the time of writing this planner has over 200 points that we tick off as we go along covering all stages of the project including:

  • Client questions to help us learn about your business
  • Discovery phase
  • Planning the goals for the project
  • Designing the logo and branding
  • Designing the website mockups
  • Coding the website pages
  • Integrating a Content Management System
  • Installing software and configuring plugins
  • Ecommerce coding
  • Adding content to your website
  • Optimising pages for fast loading and checking speed
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Setting up and configuring social networks
  • Browser testing
  • Pre-launch checklist
  • Writing out instruction guides
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Providing website information and login details
  • Follow up and reviews of website performance

Phew! Of course, not every stage is required for each project but the planner is flexible and really helps us stay on top of projects. It also ensures nothing gets missed when creating your website!

We are constantly tweaking the planner and adding new stages to make sure it is optimised for our clients projects.

Every website we create teaches us new skills and knowledge. This, along with a dedicated plan for the website, helps us keep projects on track and on time! If you’d like a quote for your next project please get in touch using the contact form below:

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